Listen: Koresma - 'The Overlook' (Single)

Ambient electronic artist Koresma takes us to 'The Overlook' in breathtaking new cut.

Koresma taps into clarity in his lucid new cut 'The Overlook', a chilled, down tempo track that makes you feel in tune with yourself and the natural world. 'The Overlook features a mixture of organic sounds and electronic textures, seeing gritty hip hop beats interweave with instrumentation such as the guitar, the flute and moog synthesizer to create a transcendental and grounding listening experience.

'The Overlook' is a really lovely 4 minutes 10 seconds of relaxing  sonic textures, varied enough to not make you want to fall asleep, yet gentle enough to coax a meditative reaction that leaves its listener feeling a lot more connected and present in the moment.

Words of Karla Harris