Introducing: MÁDAM- 'Rise Up'

Brazil and Argentina Electro-Pop singer MÁDAM shares the visuals for her debut single, 'Rise Up', documenting New York in its truest, most diverse form.

Currently based in New York, MÁDAM is the project of the very talented Marina Maiztegui, who graduated from Berklee College of Music with a bachelor degree in Professional Music and Music Therapy, and a minor in Psychology. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that MÁDAM creates feel-good and thought provoking music with substance - promoting connectivity on a real, empowering, emotional level.

'Rise Up' is an upbeat, uplifting and encouraging celebration of positivity and self love. A song characterized by motivation, inspiration, unity, and good vibes. MÁDAM's velvety vocal has a beautiful, soulful smoothness to it, her delivery makes you feel safe and reassured in the notion the message she is delivering is sincere. In 'Rise Up' MÁDAM combines subtle funk textures, with retro dance beats and ambient exotic nuances to create fun and genuine electronic pop that truly stands out in a crowded genre. 

On the track,  MÁDAM explains "Music should be the gate to a non divisive world, where all are accepted for who they are or who they want to become. We live in world full of barriers and guide lines, where one needs to follow the rules of what and who they should or shouldn't be. Music is our common ground, which is why the lyrics of 'Rise Up' are simple and relatable. Every one has the right to understand and use these words for what motivates them to continue fighting and continue being who they wish to be. It's simple because that's how life should be with music. It's inclusive, it's relatable and it's what you want it to be."

The Music Video of 'Rise Up' is a clear visual explanation for what MÁDAM verbalizes. It shows the reality and daily lives of New York, a city filled with culture, richness of races, hardships, and warriors. Every day unique people fighting for their hopes and dreams. It shows the naked reality of such, which is something rare to see. It promotes unity and motivation to being one's true self.

Words of Karla Harris


  1. thanks for the nice review, it's an honor to listen to a music so well thought that rises everyone's love for life and opens our harts to enjoy life. It's no coincidence that Madam with a background in Psychology, Music Therapy on top of her Professional Singer formation give us this astonishing result. Thanks madam for thinking so deeply before launching this music :) !!.


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