The Artist Explains: George Glew - 'Me And My Brother'

George Glew chats to us about his current single ‘Me And My Brother’, the follow up to his the debut single, ‘Bury Me'.

'Me And My Brother' is a lovingly crafted, soulful rock ballad addressed to a sibling. Relaxed in tempo yet gritty in intimacy and emotion, the track features a fuller sound to its predecessor, yet still gives enough space for George Glew's remarkable vocal to impact heavily.

George Glew Explains:
"The song is very self explanatory lyrically, it's about my relationship with my brother and how despite the lack of seeing or speaking to each other we're still there for one another. It also touches on my relationship with the rest of my family and my upbringing, despite everything that has happened throughout my life I wouldn't change it.

I wrote the song about 2/3 years ago now and went through many versions of production, finally settling on one which I think conveys the song in the best way. It's good to revisit the songs I wrote earlier on to then give them a new life. My earlier song writing is very autobiographical in which I would just put all my thoughts and feelings into the song without worrying about anyone hearing it which makes it feel completely honest."

Interview Feature by Karla Harris

You can catch George Glew live this Sunday (17th September) supporting Nugget at  Bristol's The Louisiana, hosted by Breakfast Records!