EP Review: Montroze - 'Escape'

Montroze are a British pop-punk band and their EP ‘Escape’ is the latest offering we have of the Bristol based band who are emerging into the pop-punk scene with great potential to flourish and really make a name for themselves. 

Jessie Jones broke down the album track by track for us to give us a more in-depth view on the release.

Track One - Escaping
The first track ‘Escaping’ is an upbeat and ferocious introduction to the album for Montoze. This song is a good insight to what the rest of the album will hopefully bring.

Track Two - Shameful You
This being the first track to be released from the EP for the Bristol lads and having seen them doing an acoustic rendition of this song at Fat Lip Festival, I was intrigued to see where this would fit in the overall album and if it was a good track to push to their audience first and overall I think it shows the band bringing themselves out there to the pop/punk and rock genres with heartfelt lyrics of experiences they have had and this track will have you bopping your head and singing along.

Track Three - Contemption
As soon as the song started I was hooked. The acoustic guitar opened it up with lead singer Jason Bishop’s voice coming through with the beautiful yet heartfelt lyrical content. His voice shines in the chorus where he passionately sings the lines

Track Four - A Breath
I felt this instrumental interlude should have maybe been placed at the beginning or end of the EP. I was disappointed as i was expecting more when it ended as i could easily see it becoming something much more than just a 30 seconds filler and instead a full length song. The song title suggests it’s not a song on purpose and i feel it is too good of an introduction and i’m left wanting more from this.

Track Five - Pages Of A Different Book
Then to my surprise track 5 brings this interlude into play with a song which is what i wanted. This song I feel will be the one to get the crowd moving at a show and the chorus packs a punch and makes you feel their angst as it has more aggression in the vocal with clean guitar riffs to get the crowd jumping.

Track Six - Escaping - Part 2
Unlike ‘Escaping’ this part 2 is soft and slower with the acoustic guitar pulsing through on the chorus and Jason’s voice piercing with vulnerability and passion bringing the song together beautifully.

Both musically and vocally, Montroze have improved a huge amount with this EP. I can see the guys supporting some big names in the industry and really making a name for themselves. They have a familiar and pleasant sound about their music which fans of theirs will recognise from previous releases but also this EP brings a lot more to the table and i can say it is their best work to date and i am eagerly awaiting an album from Montroze.

Review By Jessie Jones