Stream: Chase Kerby - 'LINES' (EP)

Oklahoma City singer songwriter Chase Kerby releases his third solo EP, 'LINES'.

2016 made for a particularly challenging year for Chase Kerby, seeing the loss of his father, the split from his long-time girlfriend and the near death of his brother all occur within months of each other. With this in mind, it's no surprise that his new EP 'LINES' is a deeply personal offering and serves as an outlet to process some of the emotions that came with these testing times.

While each track shares a similar haunting atmosphere in the bones of its production, 'LINES' is a 3-track EP where each track stands its own ground,  telling their own story, varying stylistically from song to song. Title track and EP opener, 'LINES', is the most full bodied song on the EP, skilfully playing with layers and dynamics, effortlessly transitioning from smoky and foreboding textures to relaxed and ambient, revealing more about itself with every listen.

'Fountain of Youth' and 'There's You' are both relatively skeletal and vulnerable in nature. From the americana tinges of the former, to the dreamy nostalgia of the latter, what is most remarkable about Chase Kerby's music is the versatility that he brings not only to his soundscapes, but that lives within his incredible vocal. Without losing his identity, Chase Kerby is a chameleon for his art.

Words of Karla Harris