Listen: Callum Pitt - 'Rabbits' (Single)

Indie-folk artist Callum Pitt encourages freedom from fear in his soul-stirring new release,  'Rabbits'.

Callum Pitt teased the potential of his dreamy falsetto in both his debut single, 'You'd Better Sell It While You Can' and follow up single, 'Least He's Happy'. However, 'Rabbits' sees him unleash the full power of his higher range in a way we have never heard before.

Atmospheric, folky finger picking opens the track alongside ambient textures that serves only to sooth, before Callum's pure falsetto takes the piece to heavenly  new heights. Callum plays with dynamics effortlessly, elegantly flowing between transcendental and affecting arrangements that softly stroke the soul, to fuller indie/ folk textures, upbeat and subtly anthemic, perfectly suited for radio play.

'Rabbits' is an achingly beautiful and thoughtfully crafted song. Deeply emotive in nature, the song oozes a reassurance and insane likeability that sees itself catapulting straight into the very heart of its listener.

Words of Karla Harris