The Video Explained: BNNY RBBT - 'Waterfalls Down'

We take eccentricity to a whole new level in this interview about the mysterious BNNY RBBT's music video, 'Waterfalls Down'!
'Waterfalls Down' is a quirky indie pop track juxtaposing happy electronics and upbeat melodies against dark, manipulated vocals and sadder lyrical undertones.

'Waterfalls Down' Explained:
How did you come up with the idea to use an animation in your music video?
A fan of BNNY RBBT name Mei Kittens in Tokyo Japan had found my website about BNNY RBBT on soundcloud. Because of that coincidence, her father saw BNNY RBBT as well and remember that his friend use to draw anime animations in 1990s Japan. And this friend of father who is named Yoshiaki Sato was tracked down out from retirements and he supplied footage for 'Waterfalls Down"video and animation which is so beautiful and strange.

What is the story depicting in the animation?
We think story in animation is story about BNNY RBBT and his family. They grew up on magical island which was beautiful and perfect. Then one day some bad people came through wormhole and the father and mother both died leaving young BNNY RBBT all alone in the big world. Because of that BNNY RBBT left island paradise and tried make his way in world but soon finds bullies who think he looks strange with large, irregular eyes. So BNNY RBBT start wearing mask and uses his magical voice to make name for himself and find the love of his life. Is probably true story, i think!

Can you tell us about the themes/imagery used in the video?
Yes, there are lots of themes of magic and surprise. BNNY RBBT is mysterious musician who has left lots of clues about who he is and where he came from. The big mystery today, of course, is where is BNNY RBBT right now? I hope some day find out. But for now, "Waterfalls Down" video show some more of his origin story. There is peculiar fascination with rabbit of course. One part is very surprising to learn from video that rabbits are one of few animals who can die from loneliness. Is so sad but is true! And makes sense because if you listen to all of BNNY RBBT's music, you can hear chords of loneliness in there. Maybe is why so many peoples are finding BNNY RBBT so amazing and his fan base is growing so large so quickly. Maybe people can relate for being lonely. I think I can. Also, there is theme of cosplay and LGBTQ-friendliness and furries.

How does the video connect with the theme of the song?
I think video connects with theme of song because is called 'Waterfalls Down' which may have been name of place where BNNY RBBT and his family live. I am not sure about that part yet. But also, because mostly when you listen to song, it gives such magical feelings and goes perfectly well with imagery used in Mr. Yoshiaki Sato anime animations which were lost for so long but now have been found!

What do you hope people take away from watching your animated video?
I hope that people realize that I not BNNY RBBT. I am just blogger who is captain of BNNY RBBT fan club. This video and song -- like all of BNNY RBBT songs that have been discover -- have come from all parts of world by people research and discovering lost items from BNNY RBBT mystery that they already had. I know is crazy story. But is 100% true. Also, a big take away is BNNY RBBT is very special artist not like most other artists out there. Music of his is so magic and inspiring and I can't wait for more be discovered soon. So please let all your amazing readers know that they should look in their old photograph collections or old VHS tapes or go thrift store finding and maybe find old cassette tapes of long lost BNNY RBBT music. Then send to me whatever find and I share it with whole BNNY RBBT fan community. This is a worldwide movement now and can't be stopped until everything about BNNY RBBT is known. And... maybe someday whatever happened to BNNY RBBT is reveal to us all.