Band of the Week #0016: Anavae

This weeks Band of the Week is London rock duo Anavae, who today released their brand new single 'All Or Nothing', from their EP 'Are You Dreaming?'

We had a chat with them about the EP and their future plans for the band.

What are the ideas and themes behind the EP?
It's so bizarre thinking back to when this EP was written almost two years ago. What's new to our listeners represents another lifetime for us. Each song is a compressed, packaged feeling of hysteria. An inward, surreal feeling of reflection which makes me feel removed from reality. The title was taken from a book on lucid dreaming, which I've been trying to learn how to do on and off for the last two years. I find that life becomes less challenging if you pretend it's a dream.

How would you describe it to someone who has never listened to you before?
Dark pop music with angry guitars.

Where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes studio stories?
We recorded the EP at Middle Farm Studios in the depths of Devon with Pete Miles and our recording 'Uncle' Ian Sadler who's been with us from the beginning. We'd never worked with two producers at the same time before so it was certainly productive (...and experimental.) Middle Farm is the perfect place to go for a social media cleanse (and to re-discover your fear of the dark.)

What are the plans for the band for the rest of the year?
We're off to play Germany for the first time at Reeperbahn festival on the 22nd of September and then Pop Explosion festival in Canada, Halifax in October. We've only ever played outside of the UK once before so this will be a new world for us.