Band of the Week #0015: Swimming Tapes

This week's Band of the Week is London based Swimming Tapes, who recently revealed the video for their current single 'What's On Your Mind', from their new EP 'Soft Sea Blue', which drops on the 15th September (via Hand in Hive / B3SCI).

We had a chat with the lads, where they went into more detail about 'Soft Sea Blue'.

What are the ideas and themes behind the ’Soft Sea Blue’ EP?
We wanted to have a collection of songs that showed a few different sides to us, so this EP probably expands our sound a little more than the first one, but still keeps the Swimming Tapesy vibe. The EP is actually named after an album of the same name Lou's mum released in the 70's – which is a wonderful slice of folky goodness.

How would you describe it to someone who has never listened to Swimming Tapes before?
Indie-pop sensibilities chopped up and thrown in to a broth of reverb.

Where was ’Soft Sea Blue' recorded? Any behind the scenes studio stories?
We recorded the EP with a lovely guy called Adam Jaffrey in his studio on Hackney Road in London. As for stories within the studio, everybody was very well behaved drinking hot chocolate and eating custard creams.... not a curse word was muttered in the whole process. Bedtime was 9pm prompt.

What are the plans for Swimming Tapes for the rest of the year?
We are heading up to Manchester again in October which we are really excited about, as we played there earlier this year and it was a really great show. We are also doing a little thing at Rough Trade later this month, but the main thing is our headline show at The Lexington on 20th September (tickets). We've got a wonderful band called Softer Still playing with us, who we can't wait to finally catch live. And then in between shows we are writing new material for what we hope will be our debut album.

Swimming Tapes headline the Lexington (London) on the 20th September, tickets are on sale now.