Band of the Week #0014: Blindwish

We bring you Blindwish, our first Band of the Week for September. Their album 'Good Excuses' came out this week, and we had a brief chat with them about how it all came together. 

What are the ideas and themes behind the album?
Our album can be described as moody, and lyrically its for sure a theme throughout the album. Anxiety is also a major theme, and was also a working title for the album at one point. I’m (Zack) a very anxious person and it shows itself in my lyrics and musical choices.

How would you describe it to someone who has never listened to you before?
It would be hard to describe. I would say our band is for a person who cares more about lyrical content and songs that mean something to you, rather than someone looking for a specific genre to listen to.

Where was it recorded? Any behind the scenes studio stories?
Eight of the songs were recorded in Beaverton, Oregon with Ryan Furlott and 2 songs were written and recorded in Calabasas, California with John Feldmann. Probably our most interesting story happened in Oregon. Our producer left for two days and left us at his house to watch his two dogs and a cat. The cat he was actually watching for a friend so were taking special notice to make sure everything was going well. Our drummer never really spent time with the cat, and one night the cat was staring at the door, so he assumed it was an outdoor cat and opened the door for him. The cat was not an outdoor cat. We looked all over for him all night and into the morning but couldn’t find him. We called our producer the next morning to let him know what happened, and we were all so worried that this would become a big deal considering it’s not even his cat. We told him what happened and he said “yeah the cat tries to get out all the time, it’ll be back”, after we were worried sick about losing it. Sure enough within a few days the cat came back.

What are the plans for the band for the rest of the year?
The only plan is to get as many people as possible to listen to our album!