Album Review: Sleeping With Sirens - 'Gossip'

Earlier in the year, Sleeping With Sirens teased fans with the prospect of new music uploading a short clip with the caption ‘Don’t Believe The #GOSSIP’. Fast forward a few months and the release date of album ‘Gossip’ is edging ever closer. We gave it a listen…

Kellin Quinn has been explaining how this album is a true representation of Sleeping With Sirens and how he spent time over the various albums trying to find his voice, this album being the one where he found it. Gossip is very different to anything that they’ve ever released and I can’t help but be disappointed by a release I was so excited to hear. They’ve followed in the footsteps as bands like Bring Me The Horizon and softened their sound to fit in with current music trends. Sometimes change is a good thing but Sleeping With Siren’s previous albums are on another level to this. It’s like they’ve sold out.

Gossip is a dark album lyrically but it’s not reflected in the pop style tracks on the album. Sleeping With Sirens were always known to me to be on the melodic side of the post hardcore world, with an interesting blend of metal influences creeping into their music to keep the hardcore vibe. Their newest release couldn’t be more different. It’s edging close to tracks that you’d hear in the charts, something you’d be able to listen to with your parents without them turning their nose up at you.

On the other hand, it is an album that you can tell has had a lot of time put into it. The lyrics are well thought through with meaning in every word. It’s an album people will relate to, it’s an album people will listen to through the good and the bad. It grows on you even when you don't want it to. It’s not an album that I personally like and it’s nothing close to what I was hoping for from them but it will be very talked about post release.

Review by Ami Ford

'Gossip' by Sleeping With Sirens is released Friday 22nd September 2017