The Video Explained: Ramonda Hammer - 'Destroyers'

Los Angeles grunge-pop quartet Ramonda Hammer share the visuals for 'Destroyers', the title track of their new EP.
Ramonda Hammer play with quirky chord progressions, time signature and tempo changes, and dynamic, biting vocal melodies that see their songs constantly balancing playful and upbeat arrangements with dirty, fiery, grunge in its purest form.

Ramonda Hammer Explains:

"We wanted the video to reflect the various degrees of destruction in human relationships and the ways people react to such situations. Andy had this idea to use masculine romance and power struggle to reflect this. He immediately thought of brining Matt Anderson on board, a friend he went to Chapman film school with, because of Matt's unique talent and his interest in queer art. After I saw Matt's video for Miya Folick's "Oceans", I knew he would be able to make something visually captivating, not only in the sense of showing what a song means to an artist, but giving an audience depth of perception about a song. So we let him run with whatever! I think that the video is strange and beautiful, and I can't wait to share it with the world!" - Devin Davis