The Band Explains: Esprit D'Air - 'Ignition'

London-based J-Rock band Esprit D'Air shares stellar new cut 'Ignition', taken from their latest album, Constellations.
DIY outfit Esprit D'Air rock things into overdrive with their rousing new cut,'Ignition'. Displaying an aptitude for dynamics, a graciousness and a wealth of talent, 'Ignition' sees the band cruise through their own impassioned, high-intensity, galaxy of metalcore, melodic and electronic influences, making it incredibly easy for us to get excited by them.

Esprit D'Air Explains:
“Ignition is about someone imagining themselves with a different life if they had made different choices. Whilst driving through the city, they are thinking about the choices they have made in the past. It depicts the moment of someone reflecting oneself and making an important decision.
The lyrics don’t tell you what the person ends up doing, maybe they are going to leave the city, or stay there to start doing something they have never experienced. Like in real life, there will be some life-changing decisions, some that can make you feel anxious. However, there are some paths that you can only discover from having the courage to take it.” - Kai (vocals and guitar)