The Artist Explains: Roni V - 'Fireflies' (Video)

Tel Aviv solo artist Roni V  speaks to us about her stunning visuals for her elusive second single, 'Fireflies'. 
'Fireflies' is a dark, dynamic and captivating song crawling with aching allure and wicked beauty.   Downtempo, experimental electronics meet affecting melodic textures, as Roni V's passionate and phenomenal voice is supported by eerie layered vocals courtesy of LA-based artist, Lee Triffon.  The track is taken from Roni V's debut EP 'Wild Swans', which will be released in Autumn 2017.

"'Fireflies', like the rest of the EP, deals with love and fear, tide and silence, sparks and ashes and the bruised hearts beneath them via wounded electro guitars and dreamy downtempo beats".

Roni V Explains:
Where was the visuals for 'Fireflies' filmed?
'Fireflies' was filmed at two locations. The 'white' scenes were taken at Konfetti Studio of director Maayan Haim just before she relocated from Tel Aviv to NYC. The 'dark' scenes were shot at the beautiful-edgy concept store of the Israeli fashion designer Yosef Peretz.

How does the video/ footage compliment the song?
The concept of the video was to visually translate the written-composed-performed storm of emotions. Maayan and I wished to portray my subconscious, therefore my eyes were shut all time long. The only awaken parts are those which I sing in. The whole cinematography was still video oriented, which is the exact opposite of stop motion. Editor Hadar Balas had to isolate each and each frame in intention to get a fragment of delicate movement while everything else stays still. That was the biggest challenge in this production without any doubt. The idea was to reflect that way the tension between the longing to feel and the fear of suffocating from the volume of it.

Any behind the scenes stories?
There aren't really any sassy behind the scene stories. Most of the time I just tried to stay still, which was harder than I could imagine :).

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
Yosef's store is located in the magical Jaffa flea market area and designed in that spirit. What I loved most of this spot is the breathtaking concrete wall which covered with graffiti art work by the talented Israeli street artist Klone. This wall was sprayed in gold and covered with drawings of white horses and black ravens. Once I ran into this, I felt I must shoot there my video. Yosef, who is a close friend, also contributed the avant-garde hoodie which I wear in the 'dark' scenes. The black silk robe dress was made by the uprising Tel Avivian fashion designer Gal Shenfeld. It refers to the classic robe we use to wear at home, which in my opinion is the most intimate (in a domestic kind of way) garment a person could wear.

Is there a message you hope people take away from watching the video?
I mostly hope that people would recognize the beauty of all of it.

Full credit list:
Directed by Maayan Haim @ Konfetti Studio
Cinematography and edit: Hadar Balas
Camera: Tomer Freyman
Lights: Shay Duani
Production assistant: Eyal Rotbart
Hair and make up: Ayala Lis
Style: Yosef Peretz, Mews by Gal Shenfeld

Lyrics, Music & Performance by Roni V
Produced by Or Bahir and Lee Triffon. Recorded @ Pluto Studios Tel Aviv

Interview feature by Karla Harris