The Artist Explains: Josh Wheatley - 'Shiver' (Lyric Video)

Hotly tipped Nottingham artist Josh Wheatley speaks to us about the lyric video for his current single ‘Shiver'.
'Shiver' is an engaging, lyric-led single that opens relatively stripped back showcasing Josh Wheatley's uniquc vocal,  before fleshing out into a grungy acoustic pop song that has a very distinct magic about it.

Josh Wheatley Explains:

Where was the performance part of​ 'Shiver' filmed?We filmed it in an area of Nottingham which is notoriously know for it's caves. It was basically a weathered tunnel and we filmed it during a downpour. The wind was pushing rain into the tunnel and my hands were freezing.

Who did the animations for the lyric video?
My good friend Ryan Peck filmed the performance and animated the video. He's a very talented, young filmmaker.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used? 
I didn't just want the lyrics to roll like end credits at the end of a film, that's too dull. I wanted a playful element to the music because, ultimately, it's meant to be enjoyable and engaging. Didn't want people to switch off.

As for filming in silhouette, everything is based on silhouetted images. As much as I love bright, colourful artwork, I just want to keep everything slick and simple to make highlight my songs more than anything. I have a certain affiliation with classic, silhouetted black and white.

How does the lyric video compliment the song's theme?
I think it compliments the slight tongue-in-cheek nature of the song with those playful animations. But it's also not too complicated as to distract from the song itself.

Why did you choose to share the song as a lyric vid?
It gets a bit boring seeing artists put out music video after music video for each single. I wanted to shake things up a bit.

Interview Feature by Karla Harris