The Artist Explains: Inner Tongue - 'Dig Deeper'

Inner Tongue tells us everything we need to know about his new indie electronic single and accompanying visuals for 'Dig Deeper' 
'Dig Deeper' evokes a moody sensuality and is the second single taken from Inner Tongue's debut album, which will be released early in 2018 via Mount Silver Records & Caroline International .

Inner Tongue Explains:
"I recently bought an old Roland Space Chorus and had a good time experimenting with it in the studio with my drummer Flo. The moody drum sound we created with it was somewhat inspiring, so I took the multitrack home and sped it up quite a bit. The rhythm suddenly got this touch of soul that cost me a nights rest, figuring out piano, bass and vocal lines instead.

About a week later, we set up another studio session to try a new ending. I thought it was nice in the studio, but ended up using a beat Flo played between takes instead. It had such a nice resonance with the Space Echo setting, that I totally fell in love with it and came up with a bass line that would fit its character. We were all excited about the sound of it, when we heard the full end part.

The song is about looking past that weekend hurdle of new lovers and wondering about the longing for an eventuating Netflix-boredom, that can be ultimately freeing. Somehow, if we can calm our minds, we end up enjoying that feeling of letting our ambitions go for a while and to just look at a screen with someone.

With the video, Patrick Sturm and Markus Hornof (Eat My Dear) wanted to visualise the moodiness of the song. Filming was more like a party with wild lights and smoke. Random fact, at around 2 AM we put on a few Bowie songs and danced to them instead. Some of that also ended up in the video".