The Artist Explains: Callum Pitt - 'Least He's Happy' (Lyric Video)

We chat with Callum Pitt about his lovely new lyric video for 'Least He's Happy', which takes  a personal journey through a selection of his family photo albums. 

Callum Pitt Explains:
Why did you choose to share 'Least He's Happy' as a lyric video in the way that you did?
I thought it would be nice to show people a lyric video simply so they could see the words and make their own interpretation of the meaning, also the family pics are a way to for listeners to get to know me as an artist and get some enjoyment in seeing my daft chubby face.

The family photos are an extremely personal touch, how did you come up with the ideas for it and who helped put it all together for you?
It is! I wanted to do something more personal and creative than a standard lyric video and thought this would be quite a warm and nostalgic idea. My friend Gareth Williams put it together using 2 of my family photo albums and did an absolutely wonderful job, I'm really thankful to him and super proud of the video!

How does what we are seeing in the visuals connect with the song?
Well the song is about growing up and doing your own thing, and talks about the importance of seeking fulfillment and satisfaction in whatever you're doing. The video shows me doing this to an extent, though we avoided the hugely sentimental photos and just used ones which showed a bit more average moments and snippets in time. These connect well with the understated lyrics and I'm really chuffed to share this video!

Interview feature by Karla Harris


  1. Wondering how not including the hugely sentimental pics was positive - and how do they not connect well with the lyrics?


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