Single Review: VIVIENNE CHI - 'Junk'

With a current overflow of solo indie-pop artists hoping to make their mark in the industry, what Bristol/London living artist Vivienne Chi offers in 'Junk' is a refreshing style of graceful lyricism and plentiful arrangements.

The twenty-something year-old shows remarkable clear vision in songwriting, with songs dancing on lyrical narratives of belonging, heartache and the darker sides of London’s excessive lifestyle. Performing music from a young age and writing songs since 11, she then later decided to pursue her passion for music and move to London with an eager determination to launch her career.

Produced by Harry Tarlton, ‘JUNK’ beams as a powerful second single, combining animated production and uplifting lyrics. Reading up on the context, Vivienne has revealed; “JUNK is a song about the balance between madness & freedom. Who's really living? A person free of their mind or is a person trapped inside it?” Peculiar percussion tracks invade the track’s bouncy arrangement, symbolising craziness, as one half of the lyrical narrative. The other is Vivienne’s tender and glorified vocal that marks as the sane other half.

Vivienne’s pristine vocal guides the instrumental, like a war cry in battle, leading the impressive arrangement into a stunning chorus. ‘JUNK’ really is an exciting second single from the alt-pop artist.

Single Review by Marge.