Single Review: Rosi Golan - 'Collecting Bullets'

Rosi Golan shares 'Collecting Bullets', the stunning title track from her new album.

Since 2008, Rosi Golan has released two albums  ('Lead Balloon' and 'The Drifter & the Gypsy') one EP ('Fortuna') each containing beautiful folk-acoustic tracks, many of which have found spectacular success in various placements across feature films, popular TV shows and commercials. You see, Rosi makes music that soundtracks moments that deserve to be felt fully.

 After a year long hiatus from music, Rosi has found a fresh round of ammunition and returns with new album, 'Collecting Bullets,' debuting a new electro pop sound just as sync-worthy as her previous works.

Title track, 'Collecting Bullets' hits with an immediate impact, yet shows a level of restraint in its layers and textures. Subtle, pulsating, electronics provide an anchor to the track, as the song soars with a beautiful, cinematic, loftiness that never overshadows Rosi's heavenly vocal and her flawless hooks.

Despite the change in direction, Rosi has still remained true to her roots in that she has an incredible ability to pen lyrics that are universally relatable, delivered through a vocal which is always at the forefront, effortlessly commanding her audience to stop and listen. To take in the moments and feel the emotions that are constantly presented.  

Produced by Kevin Seaton (Snoop Lion, Active Child, Shy Girls), 'Collecting Bullets' is out now and features a host of co-writers including Greg Laswell, Madi Diaz, Richard Harris. The album in its entirety displays a progression of sound that isn't too drastic to alienate old fans, yet most certainly will see Rosi Golan continue to collect a whole bunch of new ones.

Words of Karla Harris


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