Single Review: Roiael - 'Empty House'

Nottingham based singer-songwriter Roiael shares crystalline, heartfelt confessional,  'Empty House'.

Making use of atmospheric acoustics Roiael's, 'Empty House' hits with an evocative intensity that far surpasses the pure simplicity of its arrangements. 'Empty House' is built from affecting acoustic guitar strums and the most sublime vocal that soars gracefully, unfaltering, despite the emotive subject matter.

Born from a dark time in Roiael's life, 'Empty House' takes every ounce of  sorrow, loneliness and heart ache and spins it into something spectacularly beautiful, something strong and sentimental, hitting with a poignancy that echoes infinitely.

Roiael makes no-frills music that seeps beneath the skin. With tremendous control over his elegant vocal range, Roiael still manages to give a raw and emotional performance, so startlingly touching and 100% sincere,  'Empty House' is incredibly hard to listen to without feeling a little bit choked up. Each and every time.

Words of Karla Harris