Single Review: NYIKO - 'Drag Me Down'

LA-Based Synthpop Artist NYIKO gets retro and angsty in his music video for Drag Me Down' filmed on Hi-8 videocassette.

There's an instant intensity to NYIKO's 'Drag Me Down'. Brooding arrangements open the track emotively and expectantly, preparing the listener for the sombre reflection and conflicted emotions of the lyrical theme, as 'Drag Me Down' is a song that focuses on the themes of depression and infidelity.

In 'Drag Me Down', NYIKO seems to draw influences from new wave and gloomy 80's dance pop creating a catchy soundscape burning with passion and desire, with a smooth vocal that carries a potent and enslaving blend of melancholy - very easy on the ears whilst simultaneously pulling on the heart strings.

NYIKO's music finds the perfect dichotomy between dark and wretched and ironically, sparkly and cheerful, that makes the weight of the themes feel a little bit lighter.  'Drag Me Down' is taken from NYIKO's latests 7" sitting beside the almighty 'You Know I Loved It' plus a few awesome remixes, which is also available on limited edition cassette, here.

Words of Karla Harris