Single Review: John Errol - 'What You're Looking For'

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter John Errol contemplates giving up on love in lo fi bedroom pop cut, 'What You're Looking For'.

 'What You're Looking For' sees Jon Errol combine hazy melancholy with an infectious groove that makes you want to dance with your demons. The track is a very personal cut that examines the failings of a past relationship, the way these failings affect a person's self worth and also reflects on the superficial aspect of dating, with special attention to the queer dating scene.

In 'What You're Looking For' Errol asks a lot of questions, many of which he will never know the answers to. Despite this sense of sadness and the unresolved nature of the lyrics, 'What You're Looking For' carries an upbeat feel to its arrangements. Errol's vocal is smooth and melodic, his hooks are catchy as retro electronic beats demand you move your body to them, whilst chilled out piano chords simmer in the background.

On the track John Errol says: "To me, 'What You're Looking For' is a mumbled kiss-off; an anthem of self-love and recognition to cry to on the dance floor. It's a song for the stillness of an August summer night, feeling nostalgia at the end of the season. It's a song that musters up the courage to say something so simple and powerful that I wish I could have said in my own life: "I guess I'm not what you're looking for / Now I'm giving up.".

Much like myself, John Errol may not have found success in love just yet, but he has turned these hard times into something wonderful, cultivating a sound that is just what we are looking for.

Single review by Karla Harris