Single Review: Jailbox - 'A Fork Inside'

Photo by Chris Bauer 
Missouri collective Jailbox mark their first release of the year with dreamy indie pop single, 'A Fork Inside'. 

'A Fork Inside' opens with ambient, cosmic synth that reminded me of a mobile phone ringtone (one that you actually wouldn't mind people hearing in public!) before hazy vocals set a soothing, yet slightly sorrowful tone, as lackadaisical guitar work, drum rhythms and piano keys add affecting, organic textures to to the track.

Awash with feeling, 'A Fork Inside' calms yet leaves a lot of room for thoughtful contemplation, combining melodies and harmonies that are at first cautious, nostalgic and slightly hostile, before flourishing into a warm and increasingly positive soundscape.

'A Fork Inside' is an introspective, multi-textured and conscientious track, considering "the marks left on each of us, both seen and unseen, when one closes the door on imagined lives that exist down each path we don't (but sometimes try to) take." As Jailbox brood and reflect on what could have been, the song ends with a cathartic sense of release and acceptance.

Words of Karla Harris