Single Review: I AM WILLOW - 'Hearts In The Night'

I AM WILLOW follows up tempestuous single, 'Oceanful' with transcendental new cut, 'Hearts In The Night'.
The otherworldly intro to 'Hearts In The Night' reminds me of that eerie yet magical feeling of twilight; when the sky is suspended between daylight and darkness and you realise that something bigger than you is happening. And you can be frightened by the vastness of it all, or you can embrace it for the wonder that it is.

'Hearts In The Night' has an ethereal beauty to it that causes quite a chill, but not in a way of discomfort. I AM WILLOW has created a soundscape with a spellbinding quality of soothing and subduing her listener. Minimal electronics gradually guide the track into cinematic layers as I AM WILLOW's evocative and distinctive vocal leads her listener in with familiarity, before showcasing a heavenly new higher range to her voice we have not fully seen before in her previous releases.

'Hearts In The Night' is the inquisitive and contemplative place before completely letting go. It is both light and dark. Cautious and unguarded. Sensual and refined. It is magnificent.

Single Review by Karla Harris

Listen to 'Hearts In The Night' on Spotify, here.


  1. Cleverly analysed review. Beautifully executed song.


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