Single Review: Dominique - 'Use Me'

New York based Producer and Artist Dominique returns with her second release of the year, the infectious, 'Use Me', displaying a progression to her sultry electronic pop sound.  

'Use Me' follows on from Dominique's synth-tastic take on Cassie's ‘Me & U’,  and showered in a glossy pop sheen from playful 808 basslines and video game glitch samples, it’s all glitz and glamour on the outer exterior.

What clings on in each release, is the improvised flair of layered vocal harmonies and slick 808 bass patterns that styles as much identity from her previous singles. But digging deeper, behind the sultry lyrics is Dominique’s most personal and self-reflecting song to date.

Stripped of its glossy appearance, ‘Use Me’ reveals a transition for Dominique, seeing her move away from the DIY approach working independently on her own music, to entering a new phase in her career. Dominique has been developing her writing and collaborating with other artists, seeing her grow both as a person and an artist. Exciting times ahead!

Single Review by Marge.