Single Review: Dakota - 'Silver Tongue' / 'Wanderlust'

Amsterdam-based four-piece Dakota burrow deep under the skin with A/B single release 'Silver Tongue' and 'Wanderlust'.
As a general rule, my music taste has never quite fallen into the garage pop/ dream pop genres. Often, I feel there is a vagueness and a lack of anchored sensibility that makes me feel hugely disconnected. And then along came Dakota. Dakota have injected heart, substance and style into their special blend of indie rock that sees dreamy Californian melodies meet hazy guitar arrangements, lead by a lo fi lulling vocal with impressive pop hooks.

A-side single 'Silver Tongue' sputters to life with weighty and warped garage textures before downtempo, rhythmic arrangements and chiming guitar work gently tunnel their way deep into its listeners consciousness, radiating warmth, despite the track's more subdued subject matter:

"There is always that one person in your life that tries to talk down your dreams and goals by saying they’re not realistic. When later that person tries to put it into perspective by saying: “Hey, you don’t have to take it from me.” the damage is already done and you feel put down and insecure."

B-side single 'Wanderlust' echoes that signature yet subtle droney/psych style of intro we became familiar with on 'Silver Tongue', yet showcases a much dreamier soundscape pursuing a smoggy atmosphere that expands into lofty melodies, not forgetting the echoed harmonies that glow intensely incandescent; an experience that in its entirety begs you to set the song to "repeat" on your listening device.

Dakota are a deeply likeable outfit, driven by a desire to create inventive, heartfelt, dynamic and textured soundscapes that are both moody, yet uplifting, and asks that you bask in the soothing, full bodied, out of body experience they have to offer. Dakota takes their listener on tranquil highs, whilst simultaneously providing a strong sense of reflection, purpose and groundedness that keeps the listener connected and fully attentive, avoiding getting lost in the pleasurable sensations. I can't stop listening!

Words of Karla Harris