Single Review: ATTOM - 'Dive' (feat. Cosmos & Creature)

Minnesota based producer Attom​ and LA-based duo Cosmos & Creature​ keep it real in tranquil electro pop collaboration, 'Dive'.

Attom and Cosmos & Creature have created the perfect soundtrack to tap into your inner zen alongside. Dive has a really spiritual feel to it using chilled, downtempo production techniques that feel really organic, all-knowing and elemental.

Cosmos & Creature's vocals add a soothing centredness and a beautifully melodic layer of balance, anchoring the track amidst the blissfully uplifting sonic textures Attom has created. 'Dive' has a lovely pop hook which makes it very accessible, whilst wisely avoiding straying into a recycled pop formula that sees it loose its individuality and identity.

With that in mind, Cosmos & Creature comment on the track: "We wrote this song about wanting to get real with people & be authentic.You can waste a lot of time by beating around the bush or not saying what you feel. A lot of these lyrics were inspired by our desire to dig deeper past the surface level & go all in. It's about allowing yourself to want more & jumping in with wild abandon".


Single Review by Karla Harris