Live Review: Rory Indiana & Veridian - The Joiners, Southampton 14/08/2017

Rory Indiana - Photo by Ami Ford

Brighton alternative indie rockers, Rory Indiana, brought their decadent riffs infused with soulful vocals to Southampton for the first night of their co-headline tour with Veridian.

Rory Indiana - The Joiners, Southampton - 14.8.17

Arcane Roots vibes ran through the venue with the heavy guitars and thunderous drums in Rory Indiana’s tracks. The venue may have been not been as full as most of the gigs I attend at The Joiners, the boys brought an incredible set which wowed the sparse audience. Their biggest hit ‘Tough Love’ caught the crowd with the catchy lyrics with a pop twist, it’s that song you want to dance along to forever whilst shouting the chorus at the top of your lungs. The energy in their set matches their whole vibe, you can already tell these boys are going to be big.

Veridian - Photo by Ami Ford

Veridian, a six piece from Reading, got it going from the off. Strobe sticks dotted across the stage to achieve a visually pleasing show, full of green to match their name, taken from the hue of green viridian, it was rather electric! Hit track off their latest EP, ’Sleep A Little Better’ is captivating, quite like all of their tracks which literally are the things that go through your head when you can’t sleep at night. An emotional connection is made during their set, making you want to listen to them on Spotify as soon as you get home. Veridian are taking the UK rock scene by storm with songs that can be compared to the likes of Young Guns.

Veridian - The Joiners, Southampton - 14.8.17

Review and Photography by Ami Ford