Live Review: Milk Teeth, Employed to Serve & Wallflower - The Borderline, London 04/08/2017

When a line up such as this comes flying in, it quite simply restores your faith in the British music scene. When the forces of hardcore, rock and pop punk all collide under one roof with Milk Teeth, Employed to Serve and Wallflower.

Wallfower have been on our radar for a few months now, but things seem to be gaining some major speed with them. With a new EP coming out soon, of which the band treat us to a few snippets of tonight, it seems to be all coming together with them. The intense vocals of Jesse Lacey mixed with deep guitars, make Wallflower hypnotic and intoxicating throughout their set.

Wallflower - The Borderline - 04.08.2017

Employed to Serve are a beast.

End of discussion really.

They are band that force you take notice, whether you like hardcore or not! On the technical side, the band are clearly one of the tightest around when it comes to this genre. When it comes to their live performance, they take our faces completely off. Circle pits and stage diving throughout, all at the bands encouragement.

Carnage throughout! The Borderline is destroyed. And the night isn’t even finished.

Employed to Serve - The Borderline - 04.08.2017

The challenge has been thrown down. How do you follow on from that?

For some, I would be nervous to go on after Employed to Serve, however this is not the case for Milk Teeth. The band are unique to the own sound, and soon will be a household name, if not already. Their tracks are catchy, with mass sing-alongs all throughout their headline set. They owned that stage all the way through with their live performance confidence.

With the energy Milk Teeth threw at the crowd this evening, it won’t surprise us if this is the start of something. The onward rolling ball that sees all of these bands grow onto playing much bigger venues and tearing the British music scene apart.

This was hands down, one of our favorite shows of the year, all night long as well.

Milk Teeth - The Borderline - 04/08/2017

Photography and Review by Ant Adams