Introducing: Gabrielle Sey - 'Feel Your Love' (Single)

South London singer songwriter Gabrielle Sey shares her stunning debut single,  'Feel Your Love'.

As far as introductory singles go, Gabrielle Sey's 'Feel Your Love' has made quite a remarkable first impression.  Opening with relative restrain, 'Feel Your Love' holds a sophistication and atmosphere about it that reminds me of the sort of timeless, 70s soul ballads akin to Brenda Russell and Rose Royce.

'Feel Your Love' is all rhythmic percussion and nostalgic guitar work, as Gabrielle's mellow vocal mesmerizes with its rich and beautiful textures, pulling her listener into her sophisticated lyricism, gorgeous voice and affecting arrangements. As the track ripples its way to its moving chorus, Gabrielle shows full control over her vocal and the many textures and emotions it exhibits.

But far from a standardized ballad this is. 'Feel Your Love' gurgles, stutters and shivers with some interesting, left field sonic textures, that add another layer of intrigue and experimentation, all the while remaining 100% melodic - before afro-pop influences take the track to a rowdier level of passion and intimacy, chaotic yet controlled, completely enthralling.

Gabrielle Sey's debut single is more than just a song. It's an organic, impassioned, experience that you feel wholly - bursting with heritage, honesty, integrity and a diverse range of creative influences. I'm really excited to see what is still to come from her upcoming EP.

Words of Karla Harris
'Feel Your Love' is out now and available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.