Introducing: Alex The Astronaut - 'Not Worth Hiding'

Sydney-based folk-indie singer and guitarist Alex the Astronaut shares moving coming of age single, 'Not Worth Hiding’,  taken from her upcoming second EP, 'See You Soon'.

Led by upbeat guitar chords and, Alex The Astronaut's frank and conversational, sweet vocal,  'Not Worth Hiding' is a poignant confessional which develops into an inspirational celebration of self; reflected both in the clever lyricism and the jaunty arrangements that flesh out to include a beautifully uplifting string section.

Deeply personal in nature, 'Not Worth Hiding', is an angst-free and sincere track, pragmatically documenting the important teenage years of self discovery; lightly journeying across the unembellished pain, difficulty and denial that comes with realizing your true sexual orientation or gender identity, to finally encourage acceptance of self and acceptance of others, regardless of our differences.

'Not Worth Hiding' is tremendously impacting with a huge medicinal quality that deserves to be prescribed far and wide. Where the song is bittersweet in breezily putting society's ability to inflict daily discrimination and hurtful prejudices under the microscope, the tone remains cheerful and mature throughout; relentlessly optimistic in its resounding mantra to not let these negative words and harmful attitudes become barriers we hide behind, or a cause to plant seeds of doubt and self hate.

Alex The Astronaut is quickly making herself known as an incredible young talent who stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Words of Karla Harris

‘Not Worth Hiding’ is the first taste of  Alex The Astronaut's forthcoming second EP See You Soon, out October 6 via her own label Minkowski Records.