Band of the Week #0013: Youth Club

Photo - Sam Allard Photography
Band of the Week is back, and what a way to kick it off with the band Youth Club, who release their new single 'Misunderstood' today! The track is filled the usual indie-dance floor vibes we expected from the Southend-On-Sea boys, but with a more darker content lyrically for them. 

We had a brief chat with them about the new single - 

What are the ideas and themes behind the track?
We really wanted to write something that was super funky and upbeat but where the lyrics were a bit more moody.

How did the song come about?
The original idea and demo was written in late 2015, as we have been leading up to getting the album together we met up with producer Clint Murphy to go over some earlier demo's, we then went into the studio and knocked out 'Are You Wanting It All' & this single 'Misunderstood'.

Where was it recorded?
It was recorded at our studio The Broom Cupboard (run by Rees Broomfield) then we brought down Clint Murphy down to work on it from our ends. We had previously gone to Modern World Studios to work on songs, but as long as we have a good studio space and Clint behind the buttons we know it's gonna come out sweet!

Any behind the scenes studio stories?
Not sure if they are any juicy studio stories, as we get our hustle on but Gerrard did have a nasty nasty cold a week before we was meant to go record, so we had him on a HONEY drip to cure him so he could nail the record.

What are the plans for Youth Club for the rest of the year?
We have shows -
21st Sep: The Engine Shed w/ Pixie Lott
30th Sep: British Sound Project w/ White Lies, The Horrors & Foals (DJ set)