Artist To Check Out: Andy K Leland - 'Home Grown Muck'

Andy K Leland (who goes by Andrea Marcellini when not making music) celebrates the release of his first ever music video to accompany his lo-fi folk pop single, 'Home Grown Muck'.

If you fancy true-to-life storytelling – the pensive and sharp kind though – cunningly wrapped in blissfully uplifting acoustic layers, you’re lucky as cynical folk-pop muso Andy K Leland has just gifted you something (e)specially pleasing. His second single ‘Home Grown Muck‘ is as bitterly eloquent and brutal (in terms of lyrics) as the title implies yet not a scrap bland and moody (in terms of sound) – despite its gently purling tonal and resignedly stating vocal style.

Sure, it’s minimalist and low-key concerning instrumental showcase, but it doesn’t need to be showy, by no means. The reason is that Andy’s charismatically distinct voice embraces the delightfully evocative imagery of sound all too well (now, shake your head, if you don’t agree with me here, but the single’s complementary music video is quite the perfect visual match as it allows to let your thoughts drift in a quasi-serene scenery so you can contemplate life – and isn’t that what Andy does as well(?), whilst his percussive vocal tone also highlights the compostition’s, lyrically conveyed, biting and broody core without the slightest effort, as it seems.

The cleverly displayed contrast between soothing, harmonious melodics and grim, pondering lyricism, at last, labels ‘Home Grown Muck‘ a pure joy to listen to, what makes the quirky vocal flair the icing on the cake you ought to savour well and truly. 

Review by Nessi Holt of Carpe Carmina

'Home Grown Muck' is taken from Andy K Leland's upcoming EP that is due to be released via Matonella Records mid-october.'