An Interview With: Fizzy Blood

Photo - Joe Dick

We had the pleasure of catching up with Paul Howells and Ciaran Scanlon of Fizzy Blood before their set at 2000 Trees Festival.

You guys have had a lot going on the past 3 years?
Especially this year it has been pretty chaotic, It has been good though

Are you looking forward to your set later on today?
We are so happy to be playing 2000 Trees, can't wait to play the set really excited. We are pretty eager to be playing the gig now. It has been pretty good, if there have been bands on at 9pm and there are bands on at 12.00pm, serious crowds, we are hearing a lot of people saying that it is a festival for serious fans.

It's nice though because you have no phone signal so it is no excuse but to watch the other bands and no scrolling through social media?
I think that is really good, though trying to reach a mate and find out where to meet is difficult. It was like us trying to call our manager earlier to find out where he is and where we were going to meet him and just couldn't get through.

Do you guys have any surprises in your set later?
Yes I am going to get naked and do a kangaroo!

I was going to be there anyway but now I'm definitely going to be there for that.

You've released two singles this year is there going to be more singles to come or is an album?
Yeah, so on the 24th August we're going to be bringing out a new single called ADHD. All the singles so far have been from our new record which is coming out on the 2nd September. It's called Summer Of Love, it's five tracks of pure rock and roll.

I definitely like the title track the most.
Yeah I think it's my favourite

I listened to like ten seconds of it and thought it was a bit different, then it goes back into the classic Fizzy Blood.

If you could describe the band in three words, which three words would you pick?
Idiots. Weird. Idiots.

I take it you guys are sticking around for the whole day then?
Oh yeah, as long as we can.

Are there any bands you are wanting to see?
Most of the bands we are wanting to see today, we played with in the Czech Republic 2 days ago, Maybe I'll will go and see them again, but the plan is to walk around and discover something new. We have just spoken to our pals, Get Inuit who are on at 4.00pm on the Axiom. Want to try and catch a bit of them. But we are on at 3.35pm so probably see them from the sound check.

When the stages are close to each other so you don't have to run miles like at Reading or Download where the stages are so spread apart, and it is really hard to catch anything.
I went to Download with my mum a while back and she's well old and can't walk to well, so we had to keep stopping, bless her cotton socks.

You have just been announced recently for Reading and Leeds festival?
We have known for quite a long time, It has been really hard to keep it under our hats.
We are really excited for that it is going to be sick.

There is a pretty good line up this year and adding you guys on it too is sick.
The only thing I am gutted about is that Eminem is on the middle day and we are going to miss him, because we are going to be at Reading, and then at Leeds. I really wanted to see him. I will just have to take a flight over to America when he tours.

This festival has named camps such as, Camp Turner, Camp Rueben, If you could name your campsite, what would it be and why?
Camp Idiots, Camp Weird, because we are not the smartest people in the world, but Camp Fun Stupid because we are stupid and like to have fun, or Camp Stupid Fun. I want to go over to Camp Rueben because Jamie Lenman is part of the reason I wanted to be in bands. So I really want to visit it to see the heritage.

We caught him last night on the main stage. And he was pretty good and he did a Queen tribute in a big yellow jacket and it was pretty spectacular and awesome.

Have you got any really bad festival experiences??
We met Gary Clarke Junior in America, we went out on a sesh with him and we got a bit like very drunk and we probably pissed him off, as he was chilling out with his friends, Tim followed him into the toilets, he is like his idol.

We always lose gear, In America they left gear in Chicago and we were in Texas. That was pretty grim. On the way to the Checz Republic we were told Kieron couldn't get on the flight as they had oversold the flight. Things like that happen to us all the time we are like the most unlucky band, Even people who work with us say that we are unlucky, and that this never happens to other bands.

You guys have one festival essential that you always bring with you?
Beer, instruments.

Tell me something I wouldn't know in the next minute?
The lottery numbers
Okay, I have got a mole on the bottom left of my testicle sack!!! Neither of you would ever know that in the next minute. I have a birthmark on my left bum cheek.

If I was to turn your phones on right now, what would be your top 5 artists?
Queens of the Stone age, Frank Ocean, Getting Inuit, Ruben partly because of this festival, Childish Gambino.

Have you got any advice for young people starting bands?
The best thing to do is just go out there, meet people in bands as well. Just network, be a part of the scene as much as possible. Put one foot in front of the other, make sure you enjoy the journey, I'd say that's the main thing. Don't think about where you want to be, just have a good time, it might work out but if it doesn't you've got the stories and the memories with you.

Interview by Heather Lowe