The Band Explains: SKIES - 'Green' (Video)

Photo - Light Tone Studios

Folkestone indie pop duo SKIES had a chat with us about the video for their single 'Green', the band's most playful track to date. 

Directed by Raphael Klatzko at Light Tone Studios, the new video for ‘Green’ captures another side to the band - a more tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic offering, with vocalist/guitarist Alie Cotter leading with a charismatic presence and counterpart Jericho Tozer (drums/vocals) bounding with enthusiasm and flawless musicianship.

The track itself was produced by Oz Craggs of Hidden Track Studios (Mallory Knox, Feed The Rhino, Neck Deep)and captures SKIES’ ability to blend their trademark cocktail of effervescent pop hooks with melancholy subject matter - a balance that, in theory, probably shouldn’t work, but is once again executed to perfection.

How was the video for 'Green' filmed?
We filmed the video at Cowshed Studios in Canterbury. The set was built specifically for the video and there's loads of strange props being used for the shoot. It took 3 days to film and was a pretty crazy experience - and loads of fun. It's always great working with Light Tone Studios.

How does the video compliment the song?
The song has a really tongue in cheek, sarcastic vibe so we really wanted to bring that out in the video, which I think we have done. The whole thing is about laughing at ourselves and the idea that we think being alone, or single, is such a terrible thing. The song has also come to mean more to us over this past year, being an independent band and being cool with that - being content with who we are as a band and enjoying the ride for what it is, in that same way I came to view being single when I wrote the song.

Any behind the scenes stories?
We decided to have a live chicken in the video - we bought a special chicken harness from the USA too but the chicken didn't really want to walk much, it mainly sat in the street quite happily rather than walk around so that was pretty funny! We got a lot of strange looks from people when we 'walked' the frozen chicken... very strange day really - you sort of look at your life and wonder how you got to this point - walking a dead chicken down a high street! Haha! Also having to get hosed down in a garden after the green paint scene - total nightmare!!

What is the message of the video trying to convey and tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
The song is all about being single and trying to come to terms with that. The song switches between the idea of being fine on your own and being annoyed about it and the video reflects that. The video contains lots of references to Valentines day crap and being green with envy, with the use of green and hearts and flowers tying the idea together. As the year has progressed the meaning of the song has been directed towards our band. We've found a lot of excitement in being an independent band and look forward to working even harder on the upcoming second EP!

With a new EP coming out in November, you can catch the band below at the following live dates

Live dates: 

5 Aug - Head for the Hills Showcase, The Met, Bury 
15/16/17 Sept - Head for the Hills Festival, Ramsbottom 
 1 Oct - The October Sesh Festival, Tunnel 267, London