The Band Explains: Indigo Husk - 'Goes Around Comes Around' (Single)

Fantastic London-based four piece Indigo Husk talk us through the ideas behind their current single, 'Goes Around Comes Around' out now via Atomiser Records.
 Blending energetic punk, lo-fi garage rock and catchy indie melodies, 'Goes Around Comes Around'  makes for the perfect addition to your grungy summer playlists.

Indigo Husk Explains:
'Goes Around Comes Around' is about the problems of being dishonest. It's sort of a narrative on being able to jump into people's brains and understand what they are truly thinking as opposed to what's being said. I wrote the lyrics at a time when I was noticing myself getting into difficult situations by not presenting myself properly and not speaking what was truly on my mind. I think 'Goes Around Comes Around ' has become a song that encourages you to speak your mind and to open up a conversation that you may not usually have.

It was recorded by Ben Jackson from To Kill a King at his studio in old street. The track is the first track we have ever recorded that uses brass (big up Alex and Sam). Also, our good mates Will Nicholls and Embla Conneely made a huge banner as our backdrop for live shows, we liked it so much that it became the single art work so big thanks to them.

Feature by Karla Harris