The Band Explains: BOOTLEG RASCAL - 'With You' (Video)

Sydney indie-dub trio BOOTLEG RASCAL speak to us about all things behind the scenes in the making of their music vid, 'With You'.

Where was the video for 'With You' filmed?
Sydney cbd and surrounding suburbs. Pretty much anywhere that would have us; friends houses, work spaces, rooftops, back streets, hotel lobbys. Anything we could get our hands on really.

How does the video/ footage compliment the song?
I don't think the footage necessarily has much direct relevance to the subject matter of the song itself. More so, we wanted it to just be a collection of contrasting shots that keep you interested while the music is incepted into the depths of your mind. But with that being said, the visuals do compliment the song rather well, at least we think so anyway.

Any behind the scenes stories?
There was a pretty weird scene we did towards the end of the shoot where Jim (guitarist) and his girlfriend were acting as young, over conservative parents who start to break out of their somewhat stale reality. They begin dancing around the room, almost possessed, completely neglecting their child. Then we zoom in to the face of the baby only to discover the face of the child is actually played by Neal our manager. Anyway the whole thing was pretty funny but kinda creepy and consequently the scene ended up on the cutting room floor. Hopefully we can still do something with it at some point down the track though.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
I guess the main idea we spoke about was wanting to stay away from another story-line type of clip which we had done plenty of. We wanted to do something less cohesive and more unpredictable, where the scenes chop and change regularly and swiftly. Kind of throwing you in and out of different situations, similar to being in some sort of weird dream that you can't quite get a handle on.

What is the message you hope people take away from watching the vid?Nothing specific really. If anything, hopefully they like the song and have a laugh or get some amount of entertainment value from it. It was a bunch of fun to put together and we hope that's how it comes across to people watching it as well.

Interview feature by Karla Harrris