The Artist Explains: George Glew - 'Bury Me'

Bristol based artist George Glew talks to us about the ideas behind his slow burning debut single, 'Bury Me'.
Debuting an impassioned and sincere blend of blues rock and folk, ‘Bury Me’ is out now via Atomizer Records and will be followed by the release of one new track every month for the next year. In support of this, George will also be undertaking a monthly residency at The Gallimaufry in Bristol!

George Glew Explains:
I wrote the song when I was about 18, it's been around for a long time anyway and I came back to it for the first time about 2 years ago when I recorded the original demo...

The song is about wanting to take away hurt and anything I had done wrong in the past and wanting to look forward, becoming a better person in general... The meaning of the song has changed so much for me over the years from its original subject and I seem to understand it more as time goes on... to be honest I hope people find their own meaning within the song.

The song was produced by myself and mostly recorded by myself in my house aside from the drums which were recorded at Mizpah studios in Bath by a friend of mine Marc MacNab-Jack (Kill It Kid)

'Bury Me' has always been the first release that I was going to do for the past two years, it feels mad that it's actually going to be out now.

Live Shows: 
July 25th – The Gallimaufry, Bristol
August 29th – The Gallimaufry, Bristol
September 26th – The Gallimaufry, Bristol