Single Review: Søndag - 'Viper'

Italian quarter Søndag recently released the powerful and punchy 'Viper' from their EP 'Bright Things' paired with an attitude and rather cool music video!

Søndag are ones to watch both this side of the pond and over in Europe. The vocals are full of life and energy - which is complimented heavily by the uptempo and hard hitting guitar driven riffs and the precision of the drums.

It’s rock with a weave of their metal influence obvious from the get go, it’s cool and the band have evidently taken into account of their target audience with their video game inspired music video - it’s a breath of fresh air of something that is relevant and not too niche.

With their low tunings and attitude these guys are certainly ones to have soldered onto your radar - check them out here….

Words of Lorin Forster