Single Review: Moondude -'Wild Alive'

'Wild Alive' is the second single from London group Moondude, and whilst it continues in their unique vein of sunshine indie, it manages to take enough of a detour to keep things interesting.

With 'Wild Alive' the band have veered further from the 90s shoegaze that clearly serves as a major influence, with clearer, more prominent vocals, and even a spoken word poem woven in towards the end.

Whether or not the aim was to prove that Moondude are more than just a one-trick pony, it’s definitely the ultimate outcome of the track, staying close to what made first single 'Displaced' so great, but wrong-footing listeners just enough to stay fresh and exciting, rather than retreating into what they know works.

The depth and political slant that the band revealed on their first single may be buried slightly deeper on 'Wild Alive', but it’s still there, and once again works to transform what could have been a throwaway summer song into something much more three dimensional.

So far Moondude have managed two brilliant singles in a row, neither of which bears too much resemblance to the other. If they carry on like this, their debut album will be an absolute banger.

Words of Jake Hawkes