Single Review: Lxandra- 'Hush Hush Baby'

Finland-born, Berlin-based artist Lxandra shares a heartfelt love letter to her mother in new cut, 'Hush Hush Baby'.

In February of this year, Lxandra introduced herself with her debut single 'Flicker', an incredible blend of nordic fire, whimsy and powerful pop, showcasing a unique twist on pop production and a breathtaking vocal.

Lxandra's stripped it all back to ballad format on 'Hush Hush Baby', opening with chiming, nordic-esque distortion before her stunning vocal kicks in alongside a moving piano arrangement. Lxandra's vocal is rich and powerful, a smoky whisper that cracks with a booming, emotional sincerity on that spectacular chorus.

'Hush Hush Baby' is deeply personal and lovingly crafted cut, but one that is so shrewdly created that (without taking away the sentiment it was born from) the song has a way of becoming a dedication to our very own hero. That special someone in our life, the parent, the partner, the friend, the person by our side whose love and support is unconditional.

With two stunning tracks already under her belt, I'm incredibly excited to see what still is yet to come from such an intriguing rising talent. I hope you are too!

Words of Karla Harris