Single Review: Fond Of Rudy - 'L O V E'

Brighton-based four-piece Fond Of Rudy are all about the 'L O V E' in new alt pop single.

Fond Of Rudy keep 80’s pop influences close at bay with their sonic appreciation of down-tempo guitar/drum cooperation and dramatic lyrics. Spinning modern influences of Blood Orange and The 1975 into their own distinctive and lavish sound (self-described as ‘South Eastern Calypso Alt Pop’) ‘L O V E’ stands in its own lane from past material.

The fluorescent glare of their past singles has been dimmed and replaced with the sultry flicker of candlelight. Lead singer Matt’s vocals float smoothly over the band’s luminous textures, creating a bold and delicate track, showcasing 80’s power pop in full flesh. Watch out as an emotional guitar solo reveals itself towards the later half of the track, making for a very  impressionable ending.

Single Review by Marge.

Festival Dates:
July 30th - Carfest North 2017, Chester
August 25th - Carfest South 2017, Basingstoke