EP Review: Bellevue Days - 'Rosehill'

Mark McConville reviews 'Rosehill' the new EP from Croydon-based sludge pop/alt-rock four piece, Bellevue Days.

While listening in on the music of Bellevue Days, the reaction is one of amazement. The tone and measure of these songs which are brilliantly composed and emotionally tangled like hairs on a brush, make their EP Rosehill something of a revelation. Although there’s pessimism gliding sharply throughout the record, it isn’t tainted. Self-loathing is an ingredient that binds this record too. The protagonist of the story walks aimlessly, smoking cigarettes, blackening lungs, and drinking alcohol to fuel the rage. He knows life is a hard game to win. It can sicken the most confident person, it can drag you through so much sorrow.

Bellevue Days write with flair and play like perfectionists. 'Rosehill' has been developed with talent as well as assurance. The musicians have built on their pain here, colliding with obstacles, trying to elevate beyond all that is thrown at them. By brushing against the grain of hopelessness, the band don’t teeter on the side-lines, they’re willing to escape overwhelming feelings of loneliness and disenchantment. It’s hard yes, for all the people who find themselves battling torment and those splitting headaches fuelled by demons.

Bellevue Days convey through music that they’re empty inside. The lyrics describe blame and drunken days and nights, pretending everything is okay. They lie in a park, drinking enough to fill a dam, preaching to God for forgiveness, anchoring their anger at the plight. The music is a fantastic but an ultimately harrowing listen. The songs are made to resonate and they do, all five of them.

'Black Sheep Baby' starts proceedings, adding a sombre cog in the machine. It begins with a slow build up and then the rush of guitar rattles through. It tells a story, a fable of losing it all and being alone. 'Secret Love' is brilliant. The protagonist wants to escape hell, his head is corroded with sadness and dread. He wants to hold the person he loves, not with contempt, but with love. The instrumentals are energetic and creative. 'Faith' opens with low key vocals, the fable goes on and the wordplay is magical. He wants to be loved, not scorned. The back-beat is arresting and the pulsating guitar lines add a sense of urgency. The anger is evident.

Bellevue Days are a band of creatives. A collective putting out music which resonates and inspires.

Bellevue Days UK Live Appearances:
06.07 – Cheltenham - 2000 Trees Festival
16.07 – London – Citadel, Victoria Park
22.07 – Aldershot - Westival
03.08 – Birmingham – Sunflower Lounge *
04.08 – Nottingham – The Chameleon CafĂ© Bar*
05.08 – London – The Old Blue Last*
04.10 - Southampton - The Brook^
05.10 - Manchester - Retro Bar^
06.10 - Coventry – Kasbah^
07.10 – Bridgwater – The Cobblestones^
08.10 - London – The Old Blue Last^
* with Patrons
^ with The Young Hearts