An Interview With: Carcer City

Photo - Rhys Haberfield

We caught up with vocalist Patch and guitarist Lewy from Liverpool’s Carcer City while at Tech Fest this month. 

We cover a broad range of styles on When the Horn Blows, with that in mind would you mind describing yourselves in your own words?

Patch – We are probably the most chilled out metal band, not technically chilled out in style, but when you listen to us you can hear classical and ambient influences, lots of dynamics, but also very groovy, we are very much about the rhythm, very much about the dance floor.

I’ve been listening to your latest release infinite // unknown and it really puts you up there with bands like While She Sleeps and Architects in terms of musicianship, that kind of melodic Metalcore, there’s quite a few bands on the bill this year that that fit into that style but over the last few years the term Metalcore has been frowned upon a bit, without pigeonholing into a genre, would you say that its making a comeback?

Patch – I’d say that Nu Metal is making a comeback, seems like everyone is getting a whammy pedal. Which kinda makes me conscious not to do that.

Would you say that the scene is evolving from there and there’s a lot of new stuff coming?

Patch – Its constantly evolving and what happens is it ends up all being called Metalcore.
Lewy – Metalcore has become really road now, can be anything from Chimaira to While She Sleeps who are both drastically different.

You have all been here since Thursday, who else on the bill have you been checking out?

Patch – Textured last night were great, and I just check out A Trust Unclean this morning. Those guys are cool and play some interesting Deathcore that’s not too serious.
Lewy – Dresif was great, I just love that guys face he really pulls some interesting faces Patch – His new vocalist was actually a banger.

So what’s next for Carcer City?

Patch – Finishing off the rest of the summer shows, then we have something planned for October that we can’t talk about yet, but between all that we are gonna be demoing some new stuff because as much as infinite // unknown was released last year the material is really about 3 years old.
Lewy – Yea it’s goanna be good for us really, we get to play some new tunes, get some more energy and the excitement of learning some new songs again.

At When the horn Blows we like to champion new unknown and underground music, can you give me three bands or artists you think need more recognition or a spotlight on them?

PatchFoes, they are from Liverpool and do some really cool proggy metal stuff.

LewyCreate to Inspire, awesome band, really good live and good mates with us. We toured with them last December.

That’s great thanks a lot guys.

Interview by Paul Finney