Album Review: Silverstein - 'Dead Reflection'

Mark McConville reviews Silverstein's new album 'Dead Reflection' due for release  tomorrow (July 14th) via New Damage.

Beyond the darkness these lyrics tell a vast tale of pain and unrelenting downfalls. That’s what we come to expect from Canadian band Silverstein. They’re an act formidable in their creativity, a group generating words which resonate. And when those words hit the cycle, they seem to become crutches for those who listen.The band have been around for a considerable amount of time too, shaking up the post-hardcore scene with cut-throat songs which always tell tales of anguish, broken luck, severed ties. And new record 'Dead Reflection' doesn’t mirror good times at all, it delivers stories of battered hope and feelings of regret.

'Dead Reflection' is good and honest, with some purpose running throughout its brutalised storyline, but with the band having a stellar collection of albums, it doesn’t come close to those sublime contributions.Yes, it holds up and doesn’t cling on, but there’s not enough compelling material here. Leading man Shane Told sings with enough vigour and energy, but there’s far too many pedestrian songs clogging up the record. But the second half of 'Dead Reflection' is what keeps it alive. Songs like 'Demons' and 'Secret’s Safe' showcase the musicality and high powered velocity we love, the lyrics we fall into, and Told’s magical vocals.

'Dead Reflection' isn’t Silverstein's best work, but it’s an album with a few hard hitters and some noble lyrical play.

You can see Silverstein at the following date this winter:
Friday 8th December Southampton @ Talking Heads
Saturday 9th December Brighton @ The Haunt

Sunday 10th December Cardiff @ The Globe
Tuesday 12th December Glasgow @ G2
Wednesday 13th December Newcastle @ Think Tank
Thursday 14th December Manchester @ Sound Control
Friday 15th December Huddersfield @ The Parish
Saturday 16th December London @ Garage

'Dead Reflection' is available for preorder now.