Single Review: Tom Speight - 'The River'

London-based artist Tom Speight releases ‘The River', the first single from his forthcoming EP ‘My My My’ 

Tom Speight's  'The River', opens full of wonder - an ambient and atmospheric intro that conjures images of hazy sunshine spilling through leafy canopies, as Disney creatures peacefully commune by a rippling pool of water, hidden in the forest depths.

But just like any Disney film, 'The River' also gestures towards slightly sadder omens, as beautiful male/ female harmonies mark the tracks wistful opening lyrics, "We are strangers to who we used to be" - an aching honesty that leads up to the atmospheric chorus, "Oh take me back, back to the river",  perhaps indicating a poignant place for the specific relationship depicted in the narrative.

Despite touching upon rawer memories, 'The River' never loses its soothing majesty, nor does it fling its listener into a pit of depression. Elegant and earthy, yet not over-embellished, 'The River' is lovingly crafted and an absolute joy to listen to.

"Speaking on the track, Tom says: 'I've always wanted to record 'The River' with Chris Bond. I knew that he would capture the mood of the song and layered atmospheric texture of it... I was lucky enough to have Allie Moss feature on guest vocals, she has such a beautiful tone to her voice. I remember the first time I heard her on the BT TV advert I Shazam’d the song and messaged her on Twitter, asking if she would be up for singing on one of my tracks, thankfully she said yes'".

Words of Karla Harris