Single Review: Novo Amor - 'Colourway'

Novo Amor shares sublime single, 'Colourway' taken from his brand new EP, 'Bathing Beach'.

Novo Amor creates soundscapes that make you feel lighter while simultaneously capsized with emotion.  In 'Colourway' he takes simple and clean arrangements and fires them skyward - an illuminating display of affecting plucky guitar notes, majestic vocals, and gently swelling instrumentation, culminating in a dam breaking, flood of catharsis.

'Bathing Beach' in its entirety is a 4-track EP of transcendence. Each song takes on its own meditative state, becoming a quiet place for contemplation and release. Novo Amor has a way of  forming a hypnotizing and therapeutic connection with his listener, commanding the rest of the world to melt away under his beautiful, celestial spell.

Words of Karla Harris

'Bathing Beach' is out now and available, here.