Single Review: Eden Warsaw - 'Somebody Tell Me'

Toronto-based artist Eden Warsaw returns with new single, 'Somebody Tell Me'.

The last time we blogged about Eden Warsaw we were getting all gushy over his visuals for atmospheric and eerie single 'Anon' taken from his debut album,  'Searching For Someone'.  Since then, Eden and his band have been busy making new tracks for a new album entitled, ‘Calm The Coast’, revealing a reinvented sound.

'Somebody Tell Me' sees Eden Warsaw cut back on the electronica focus of past material, amping up the melodic Alt-Rock influences - an edgy montage of atmospheric drum rhythms, and chiming, fuzzy arrangements. The track is deliciously dark in all the right places, where Eden's mysterious and affecting vocal makes your heart ache with sincerity as the protagonist searches for reassurance, for someone to tell him everything is alright in the face of uncertainty and unease.

'Somebody Tell Me' crawls under the skin and enters the bloodstream, culminating in a gigantic rush of dark ecstasy. Despite its melancholy, you want to keep reliving it over and over again.

Words of Karla Harris