Single Review: Bella Mer - 'Loaded Gun'

Bella Mer shares fascinating debut single, 'Loaded Gun' the titular track taken from her forthcoming debut EP. 

Generally, any type of music that includes "future" in front of its genre isn't usually something I enjoy. However, Bella Mer's future pop offering 'Loaded Gun' is so enthralling that I couldn't help but love it.

Opening with a familiar melancholy melody in the track's  guitar work, 'Loaded Gun' has a really lovely pop feel to it before ominous drum beats lead the track into a haunting, dystopian wasteland of  forward-thinking fuzzy production and glitchy vocals.

Bella Mer's vocal holds an innocence as poetic and profound lyricism rolls off her tongue, depicting the flaws of the human condition to to be lured into known detrimental temptations and their inevitable consequences, amidst the warning cries of catastrophe simmering in its soundscape.

Words of Karla Harris