Live Review: Get Inuit, Camden Dingwalls 25/05/2017

There is a term called a 'buzz band', and a buzz band never makes sense until you see it live. Get Inuit are a buzz band. Their reputation goes beyond them as a band, word of mouth, like a 'Oh have you heard of Get Inuit?' sort of thing.  

Last time these guys headlined London was a sold out show at the Lexington, so to take the jump to Camden Dingwalls as the next show is a big jump for a band. You can feel the nerves in the room as the night grows, but it all paid off as by the time the band hit the stage the venue was a sea of people.

The band crash into charismatic childlike set, and all their tracks turning the front row of the crowd into a frenzy. With lead singer Jamie being pulled into the crowd during one song. Some people say guitar bands are done for these days. but personally the difference between a guitar band that makes it and the ones that don't is their live show. And Get Inuit clearly show us that that statement is a pile of bollocks, as they command their audience and take control of the whole room.

Their sound as a whole is gives off a huge 90s vibe to me, which I adore. That raw energy that came out in that decade, but Get Inuit have put their own spin on it. Modernized it so to speak to put across their own quirky view on the world and now suddenly the buzz around all makes sense.

After taking the jump to headline Dingwalls, it is safe to say that Get Inuit are one of the most promising bands on the current underground music scene.

Get Inuit - Camden Dingwalls - 25.06.2017

Words and Photography by Ant Adams